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Education as a key national priority

Transnet has long heeded the call to make education a key national priority.

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Education as a key national priority

Transnet has long heeded the call to make education a key national priority. The company has always been at the forefront of supporting key education drivers that improve academic outcomes. These include but are not limited to providing bursaries, supporting technical colleges, teacher development, infrastructure development, learner support,  to giving comprehensive support to academically deserving and financially needy vulnerable and orphaned youth so that they can reach their full potential.

The work done in the education portfolio is underpinned by the Transnet Whole School Development programme.  The Transnet Whole School Development Programme (WSDP) is an integrated programme comprising Education, Sport Development, Teenage Health and Development, School Infrastructure and Transnet Employee Volunteering initiatives with the aim of developing a school towards optimal functioning in respect of general administration, good governance, an enabling environment for both teachers and pupils, improved academic performance and learner well-being.


Teacher Development & Classroom Support

Teacher development is a crucial part of the WSD. Transnet has delivered teacher development programmes in a number of Districts in more than 6 provinces over a period of time.  The programme focuses on giving mentorship support to teachers for Maths, Science, Accounting and English as part of the critical skills set for South Africa.

The provision of resources is important to ensure that schools are environments that are conducive for teaching and learning to take place.  Part of the support given is the provision of resources to schools. These include mobile libraries to enhance reading by learners in different grades.  Transnet has provided mobile libraries to over 40 Schools in 5 provinces. 

Transnet Foundation Orphaned Youth Education Programme 

The Transnet Foundation Orphaned Youth Education (OYEDP) is a programme targeted at academically gifted students - defined as those who demonstrate or have the potential to demonstrate outstanding intellectual aptitude and specific academic ability.  The main aim of the programme is to promote a culture of academic excellence in South Africa by providing comprehensive educational and psycho-social support to orphaned youth in strategically targeted areas. Fifty young people have benefitted from the programme.

Although the key focus of the OYEDP is providing youth with an education, the ultimate outcome is creating empowered, well-rounded individuals who can make informed decisions, have a solid work ethic and who are optimistic about the future. By providing psychological support, counselling services and life skills, the OYEDP equips learners to return to their communities and empower others, bridging the divide between poverty and prestige. From the first group that joined the programme when they were selected in Grade 9, nine have completed their tertiary studies and four are part of the Transnet Young Professionals in Training Programme.

Education Development Trusts

Transnet Foundation participates in Education Development Trusts in 6 provinces (Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KZN, Limpopo & Mpumalanga. The Education Development Trusts are legal entities that are partnerships with the provincial Departments of Education. The Trusts focus on delivering education initiatives aligned to Provincial Department mandates on Education. Initiatives in the different Provinces include Support for Science Centre Initiatives, support to Education Resources Centres, schools infrastructure development, District Improvement Programmes, online learning and teaching and teacher development.