The Corporate Social Investment (CSI) Unit of Transnet

Ms D Roodt

Senior Manager: Finance

Ms Daleen Roodt, Senior Manager: Finance, kicked her career off in December 1981 when she joined the finance head office of Autonet, the road carrier division of Transnet as the first female researcher after the completion of her B Com (Accounting). Daleen spent 5years at the head office, 9 months in the regional office and another year at a bus depot before she was promoted to superintendent at the head office of Portnet in November 1988 where she worked as a cost accountant on special contracts and the harbor tariff book for two years.

She was promoted to senior superintendent in November 1990, where she became responsible for the cost evaluation of any new capital investments and consolidated the budget of seven ports, dredging services and the light houses. Daleen moved to the Transnet Group finance head office in 1992 where she took a position as the management accountant reporting to the financial director. She was the team lead from Transnet that successfully implemented a data based system called FDC, in April 1995, to consolidate the monthly financials of the Transnet Group.

In March 2000, Daleen was transferred to head the centre of accounting at the Corporate Centre where her main responsibility was to report on sound financials and budgets for the Transnet Head Office and Transnet Holding Company.  She transferred to the Foundation in May 2008 where she has brought stability into the CSI environment through adherence to financial procedures and principles.

Achievements of Career

  • Member of the financial corporatisation team of Portnet for the implementation of GAAP (1990).
  • Implementation of the FDC monthly financial reporting system in Transnet (1995). Continuation of enhancements until 2000.
  • Reduce the time of the consolidation of the Transnet Management Accounts by one week (1996-1997).
  • Implement policies for petty cash (2001) and capital expenditure (2002), including the inventory list for the corporate center.
  • Project Manager for the implementation of IFRS at the Transnet Group Office (2005) (Holding Company, Group Services and Consolidations).
  • Implement e-filing payment for Transnet Ltd monthly VAT return and save a substantial amount in interest (October 2005).
  • Implementation of SAP FI at Transnet Foundation (May 2008).
  • Implementation of SAP HCM Payroll automation of posting to SAP FI at Transnet Foundation (August 2010).
  • Implementation of SAP IMPS core projects at Transnet Foundation (June 2012).
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