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Community-based and non-profit organisations play a crucial role in uplifting impoverished communities. Once-off funding is granted to deserving projects in the areas of health, education, sport, containerised assistance and arts and culture. Generic requests outside the focus areas are also considered if the organisation demonstrates sound corporate governance and good business principles.

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NOTICE: All applications are closed until further notice

“There is nothing I fear more than waking up without a programme that will help me to bring a little happiness to those with no resources, those who are poor, illiterate, and ridden with terminal disease.” These are the words of Nelson Mandela, a man who took great pride in helping others.

As a company that believes in investing in our country’s people, Transnet also regards initiatives that uplift and improve communities as a key priority worth supporting.

Uplifting Communities for a Brighter Future

Community-based and non-profit organisations play a crucial role in uplifting impoverished communities, where people mostly don’t have the means to help themselves. By providing much needed care and services, they help empower people to live productive, healthy and fulfilling lives, and offer hope for a brighter future when prospects are dim.

Helping Organisations to Help Others in Need

Working towards a healthier, more productive, sustainable country, Transnet acknowledges and supports the powerful impact that non-profit organisations and community-based projects have on communities. These initiatives give the Transnet Foundation an opportunity to contribute to the development of South Africa’s people, as well as government’s goals of addressing the skills shortage challenges by equipping our youth.

More Than Just Community Involvement

The Transnet Foundation, which drives Transnet’s CSI initiatives, spends close to R160 million per year on community projects and sponsorships. Over and above the CSI flagship programmes such as the Rural and Farm Schools Sports Programme, the Phelophepa Health Trains and Sharp Minds! Get Ahead in Life, a portion of the CSI funds is allocated to grants for special projects.

Committed to Social and Humanitarian Programmes

To enhance the impact of our donations and to reflect our business model as well as our results-driven corporate culture, Transnet focuses its resources on projects that draw upon the specialist skills and experiences of our people. By contributing to social and humanitarian programmes, we help build stronger, healthier communities through better human services and support systems. Requests outside these focus areas are also considered if the organisation demonstrates sound corporate governance and good business principles.

Programmes – and People – that have Benefitted From Our Help

Making a Difference Trust: The initiative was founded by Karolina Andropoulos, whose daughter succumbed to cancer in a public hospital. It seeks to enhance the quality of care in paediatric units in public hospitals. The actuality TV programme, Carte Blanche, realised the plight of public hospitals and has been involved and driving this project since 2008. In 2010 the Transnet Foundation pledged R3 million over three years towards the construction of paediatric surgery units in five major state academic hospitals, including Chris Hani Baragwanath, Charlotte Maxeke, Steve Biko, King Edward VIII and Universitas.

Care Bears Pre-Primary and Wings for Life in Vanderbijl Park: These two educational institutions cater mainly for learners with autism and also accommodate learners with brain damage, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, physical disabilities and learning barriers. Transnet gave new hope to ten students during Mandela Day by covering their school fees.

Masizakhe Home-based Care: This organisation, based at Mbutye in Elliotdale, takes care of abused women and orphaned and vulnerable children and gives them the necessary support. Transnet stepped in to offer much needed funding, in the form of a R50 000 donations, so that they could continue to offer community healthcare.

Rhodes University Library Extension Project: The Rhodes University Library operates on an open library policy, and prides itself on making its comprehensive information resources available to the wider community of Grahamstown. Transnet donated R5 million to build the Science Faculty Library. This is an important part of our drive to boost mathematics and science education in South Africa.

The Alexandra Health Centre and University Clinic: This centre occupies a unique position not only in the community of Alexandra, but in the social history of South Africa itself. It serves an impoverished community of around 700 000 people. The centre receives 90% government funding, but still relies heavily on other donations to continue offering the community the healthcare services they need. The Transnet Foundation donated a 10-seater Toyota Quantum so that the centre could transport healthcare staff to patients' homes for home-based care.

Corporate giving and philanthropic donations are very important cornerstones of Transnet SOC Ltd’s social responsibility. Our priority giving areas are focused on areas of unique needs where our involvement can make a sustainable difference.

Grants Funding

The Grants Funding contributes to economic growth and poverty alleviation in South Africa through the provision of sustainable development to organisations/projects that comply with good business practices and are strategically relevant to the objectives of Transnet SOC Ltd, Operational Divisions and Special Units.



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