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67 Safe Sanitation for 67 Creches during the 2014 Orange Farm initiative

Thank You

Your volunteering makes a real difference to lives. Thank you for being a patriot for transnet.

Distinctive Approach

THREE steps to Volunteer

3 steps to volunteering

1. Choose

Choose which way you want to volunteer and on what project.

2. Apply

Apply to volunteer by entering the SAP EVP Code (0735) on the Transnet Leave Form. Volunteering does not come off your leave days.

3. Report

Once your line manager has approved your application, report for volunteering duty to your EVP Project Manager.

Principles of the EVP

Key strategic principles of the EVP

Use the inherent skills and knowledge base of Transnet employees towards the socio-economic development of target communities (villages) in a sustained and measurable manner.

Implement an integrated Transnet-wide approach to CSI that draws on employees from all Operating Divisions to volunteer.

Increase Transnet’s B-BBEE score through socio-economic and enterprise development.

Increase the scope of Transnet’s procurement by developing the business competency of the SMMEs in the benefiting community and growing these businesses to become suppliers for Transnet.

Contribute towards the skills development of Transnet employees by introducing them to new environments that present different challenges.

Enhance employee pride in Transnet.


Our initiative covers one or more of the following services

EVP initiatives can accommodate Transnet employees from any job level.

The “village effect” comes into play when our employees become members of the community as they bring about an integrated approach towards sustainable growth. The impact is projected and measured over a defined period to ensure results.

Creating shared value through employee community involvement

The EVP is an overall company strategy to run projects in the various communities that Transnet operates in

Using the skills and expertise of more than 60 000 Transnet employees to help improve communities. The EVP matches the broad wealth of skills and knowledge in Transnet with the broad range of developmental needs of a receiving community such as:using the skills and expertise of more than 60 000 Transnet employees to help improve communities. The EVP matches the broad wealth of skills and knowledge in Transnet with the broad range of developmental needs of a receiving community such as:

Education and literacyEducation and literacy, Health, Children and youth ,Environment ,Community ,Homeless and housing ,Disabilities ,Computer and technology, Disaster relief, Mentoring ,Race/Gender issues

Where else besides Johannesburg does Transnet have EVP offices?

We currently have formal EVP structures in Port Elizabeth and Durban. Here we have EVP Project Managers who look after volunteering. This is important for control and risk purposes.

We will soon be rolling out such formal volunteering structures in Cape Town and Rossmead.

Why do we not have EVP offices throughout the country?

Because of budget constraints we do not as yet have formal volunteering in Transnet nationally.

However, we are in the process of developing a system to ensure that all our employees are able to volunteer; even if you are not in the locations established. We will advise you as soon as these are in place.

How can one volunteer?

Navigate this website and you will find information on the different types of volunteering.

Why must we apply for leave before volunteering, will it not deduct from our annual leave days?

It is important to complete the EVP leave and indemnity since this ensures that you are covered by Transnet Workman’s compensation whilst volunteering.

What is volunteering in and who can participate?

Volunteering in, is you volunteering your own initiative. You must send a proposal of exactly what you wish to volunteer e.g. coach netball at a high school. The EVP project manager will then match your request with a beneficiary in the EVP locations.

They will also arrange all your logistics such as transport to the school, etc. You must ensure that your line manager has granted you leave to volunteer.

What is Whole school development?

Look out for the call to volunteer on the EVP Whole School Development Programme in Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Please respond when we advertise these opportunities to volunteer.

What is Go Volunteer De Aar and who is eligible to apply?

This is another opportunity to volunteer and it is for Transnet employees’ country wide. This project is for employees’ to transfer development skills to the youth of De Aar in the Northern Cape.

You will find the information on the Foundation’s website. Please submit your proposal (a short video recorded on your phone and sent to the number provided). If it is selected, the Foundation will fund you to go volunteer on a project of your choice that you have sent in to the youth of De Aar.

How do we apply for the upcoming Mandela Day?

Complete the RSVP forms when they come out, and follow the process that will be on the posters in and around your workplace.

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